Saturday, 22 July 2017

Macro videos and photos with a mobile through SLR lens reversal

In a previous post I had documented two options I had explored to enhance macro videos using lenses extracted from a CD player and a laser pointed respectively. While both offered high magnification, both were not good for practical use. I continued exploring with all available lenses and seem to have hit on an option that is both practical and yields excellent results for macro videos using the phone.

In 2009 when I first started exploring macro photography, I had posted on Reverse Mounting and Reverse Stacking Lenses for Macro Photography. Basically, reverse mounting is inversing a SLR lens front-back onto another camera. The reversed lens acts as a high quality magnifying lens, whose image the camera picks up.

Here I decided to try the same on my mobile camera and after testing several lenses, found one that worked perfectly. An old manual focus Konica Minolta F1.2  50 mm lens which I had purchased off ebay precisely for reverse mounting...but on a camera.

Here is a video of how I set it up:

And here is a compilation of some of the videos I took on the first day of testing it in the field. This was before getting the mobile adapter set up. I was manually holding the lens in front of the mobile and using no support, hence the shake in all videos. I love how it has turned out and hope to be using this setup extensively. Expect more videos and posts shortly. Stay tuned.

Below are links to some products on Amazon that may be useful if you wish to replicate the setup.


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