Sunday, 16 July 2017

Exploring Mobile Macro Videography

It has been more than 4 years since my last post here. Four years since my son was born and life changed. I haven't done any serious photography since then. Carrying a toddler and a camera together just isn't compatible. Most of my photography has been done on my mobile since then.
With the kind of zoom that a mobile offers, bird photography was out of the question. And after getting used to high magnification/ high quality macro photography using an SLR and a macro lens, using a mobile for it seemed like a big step down.

With my son growing older and becoming more independent, I have been getting a little more leeway to experiment with my mobile. One thing I didn't have with my SLR setup but really wanted to explore was macro videos. Lately, I have been intrigued by small hacks that can improve macro photo/videos magnification on the mobile. So, I looked around and did a few hacks with a few things lying around and made some videos of it. Here are some results using lenses extracted from an old CD player and from a laser pointer device. One was better than the other but both are difficult to use on a daily basis.

I first tried the lens from a CD player:

Next I tried the lens from a laser pointer device. 

This yielded better results but the very narrow working distance from the subject and the low depth of field make it really difficult to do any serious work. But it was worth the trouble. I have continued to explore more options and seem to have found a better solution for a better macro setup. More about that later. Stay tuned.

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