Sunday, 30 July 2017

Crematogaster ants and predation.

Crematogaster ants are a genus of ants found worldwide, that are characterised by a distinctive heart-shaped gaster (abdomen). Most species are arboreal. These ants are also known as acrobat ants.
These ants are also called as cocktail ants because of their habit of raising their abdomens when alarmed. They are able to raise their abdomen forward and over the thorax and head and point their abdominal tip in nearly all directions allowing them to spray venom. The venom stuns their prey. They also release a pheromone to attract other workers to capture the prey. The prey is then spread out by ants pulling the victim outstretched and carried back to the nest.

I documented several instances of Crematogaster ants with their prey and have compiled them into a video. You can watch it below.