Saturday, 8 May 2010

Barred Jungle Owlet


With all the macro photography going on, the bird photography has taken a back-seat. So its time to slip in one for the birders.

Featured here is the Barred Jungle-Owlet (Glaucidium radiatum). This species is commonly found in the forests and undergrowth of Kerala.


While quite a shy bird, its tendency to flee when approached gives it away and leads to an easy spotting.

These birds have a rounded head with no clear facial disc. The brown body and wings are finely barred with white.


They are mainly active by night, but their calls can be heard by day to. The calls are a distinctive, series of prao…prao…prao…prao which increases and fades in volume.


Their prey consists of small birds and insects. They breed in the cavities of trees between March - May. The bird featured here is one of a parent bird of a nesting pair.


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  1. Nice images and info about the species!! TFS..

    Angad Achappa


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