Thursday, 15 April 2010

Weaver-ant Mimic Spider


So, what do you think this fellow here is? Well, with a mandible that big, it certainly isnt an ant even if it looks like one. I had featured earlier, a species of spider which imitates ants, this one is a different species, a red ant-spider (Myrmarachne plataleoide)


Of course the intended model that it mimics is the weaver ant (above)


Although it has eyes in front, which is typical of spiders, it also has  a eyes on the side of its head, which is similar to those of the weaver ant.


This species also has two black dots on the tip of its mandible – These black dots , at a quick glance also pass off as eyes. Perhaps these dots are to frighten away predators.


This particular specimen is a male ant-spider. The female does not possess such a  big mandibleand thus is even more passable as a weaver ant.


You can see from the below image how ant-like it looks from the side (except for those long maxillae)



All images were obtained with a Minolta 100mm f2.8 Macro D lens coupled to a Sony A550 dSLR camera. Post processing was limited to contrast and brightness adjustment and cropping as required.

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