Sunday, 18 April 2010

Lynx Spider


Featured here is a White-Lynx spider Oxyopes shweta (thanks to Kiran Srivastava from the SpiderIndia group). Lynx spiders are so called as they stalk their prey slowly before suddenly pouncing on them (like a lynx cat).


They are generally found on low growing plants and on grass.


A distinctive feature of the Lynx spiders are the long hairs on their legs.


These spiders do not spin webs, instead preferring to hunt along the ground where they actively hunt.


They spend their entire lives on on plants, flowers and shrubs.


Although their eyesight is not as well developed as that of a jumping spider, it is quite keen and can an see their prey from a distance of up to 10 centimeters.


Six of their eight eyes are arranged in a hexagon-like pattern, a characteristic that identifies them as members of the family Oxyopidae.


There are several species of Lynx spiders, and I hope to encounter more of them in the coming days. Keep tuned.

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  1. Nice Shots Tom, you've captured the spider really well in these photographs, from different angles. ;)


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