Saturday, 17 April 2010

Aren’t Jumping Spider Spiders Amazing Models?


My Minolta 100mm f2.8 macro lens is proving to be a revelation of sorts, and with its help, I present to you, what I think is my best jumping spider shots so far.


Of course there are a lot of similarities between the macro lens and the bellows setup I was using earlier, like providing additional lighting and using small apertures to maximise depth of field, but the Macro lens is oh so much more convenient.


Anyway, this little fellow was hunting on a Papaya tree leaf when I photographed him… Jumping spiders are just so photogenic.


In addition, I`m not sure if its aggression, curiosity or plain defensive behaviour, but when I approach them, they turn around and face the camera as if to strike a pose….what more could a model do?


The above image is a 1:1 shot without cropping. Below is an out of focus image of the spider jumping when my shutter fired.


I love jumping spiders, so watch this space, there's going to be plenty more coming along!



  1. lovely shots. nice colours. aren't these the same little guys that are all over the place at home? never thought they could look so good! ;) ~ Chacko

  2. yep the very same guys! Its takes a very intimate view to appreciate the little things in life :)

  3. i guess! but you are well aware of my childhood intimacy with spiders...could never bring myself to sleep with them in the same room! :)


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