Sunday, 7 March 2010

Dragonflies of India- A Field Guide – Free ebook Download

I haven’t been into Dragonflies at all and as a result haven’t been featuring many dragonflies on this site in spite of there being a great variety of them around Karimannoor. However, when I did try and identify some, there was very little information on Indian Dragonflies on the net…. That was until I found a most excellent field guide on the web, and believe it or not, its free too!

This Book entitled Dragonflies of India- A Field Guide, is written by K.A.Subramanian, and published by Vigyan Prasar (Department of Science and Technology).
I was pleasantly surprised when I downloaded it from HERE (you will need to register for a free password and username). The book is a complete field guide, with some excellent full colour photographs  and a full identification key of both Dragonflies as well as Dameselflies of India (and their Larvae).
image image
image image
Below are examples of pages dedicated to each species:
image image
I`m really impressed by this guide and I hope to Identify and feature a few dragonflies of Kerala / Karimannoor in the coming days.
Note: The file available on the Vigyan Prasar site is an 80 MB file which opens with Acrobat Reader. However, it is not a .pdf file. For those of you who have trouble accessing the file, do contact me (thomas.vee(at)gmail(dot)com) and I will try and send you a PDF version. As I am getting a lot of requests to send the PDF , please download the ebook from here.



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