Sunday, 7 March 2010

Dragonflies of India- A Field Guide – Free ebook Download

I haven’t been into Dragonflies at all and as a result haven’t been featuring many dragonflies on this site in spite of there being a great variety of them around Karimannoor. However, when I did try and identify some, there was very little information on Indian Dragonflies on the net…. That was until I found a most excellent field guide on the web, and believe it or not, its free too!

This Book entitled Dragonflies of India- A Field Guide, is written by K.A.Subramanian, and published by Vigyan Prasar (Department of Science and Technology).
I was pleasantly surprised when I downloaded it from HERE (you will need to register for a free password and username). The book is a complete field guide, with some excellent full colour photographs  and a full identification key of both Dragonflies as well as Dameselflies of India (and their Larvae).
image image
image image
Below are examples of pages dedicated to each species:
image image
I`m really impressed by this guide and I hope to Identify and feature a few dragonflies of Kerala / Karimannoor in the coming days.
Note: The file available on the Vigyan Prasar site is an 80 MB file which opens with Acrobat Reader. However, it is not a .pdf file. For those of you who have trouble accessing the file, do contact me (thomas.vee(at)gmail(dot)com) and I will try and send you a PDF version. As I am getting a lot of requests to send the PDF , please download the ebook from here.


  1. Wow, that looks like a good guidebook. Would love to get one when I return to India. :)

  2. A lots of thanks for the info!!! I have been searching for such a bokk for so long!!

  3. Hi Tom,

    Can you please send me the book to my email id ""??

    Would really appreciate that help. Thanks in advance,


  4. Excellent, and great availability. Will help tremendously with my project, thankyou.


  5. Thank you for telling every one about this book, how ever I have tried to down load it with out success, if you could send me a PDF file that would be wonderful as I am off to India next month and hope to photograph some of the Dragonflies.
    Thank you for your help
    Stewart Canham.


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