Sunday, 21 March 2010

BBC Photo Masterclasses – Tips from Top Nature Photographers

  I`m back in the UK for a while and far from that wonderful world of Kerala, filled with photo opportunities. Till I get back there (2-3 weeks) posting is likely to be scarce and infrequent. Here, its meant to be spring but so far its just been a dull and dreary rain. However, If like me, you need a little inspiration while indoors here’s some from the BBC’s Wildlife Magazine.


 image  If you are into any type of nature photography, you will be interested in knowing that BBC have just made available, the entire collection of the BBC Photo Masterclasses as PDF files. These sheets cover every conceivable aspect of nature photography. In every issue, the worlds top photographers share their tips on different niches within nature photography.

The sheets also provide advice on choosing and using specialised equipment for the different types of photography (in Association with Tamron).

To summarise I must say that these are some fantastically useful tips for both beginners and experts alike. Do check them out at the BBC website or click the links below to directly access each PDF sheet.

Landscape Photography

Mammal Portrait

Plant Portrait

Sunrise and Sunset Photography

Underwater Photography

Invertebrate Portraits

Birds in Flight

Animals in their Environment

Bird Portraits

Reptiles and Amphibian Photography

Abstract nature Photography

Wet Weather Wildlife

Cold Weather Wildlife

Black and White Nature Photography

Urban and Garden Wildlife Photography

Zoo Photography

Bird Behaviour Photography

Mammal Behaviour Photography

Extreme Close-Up Photography

Innovative Wildlife Photography

Natural Crisis Photography

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