Sunday, 20 December 2009

Scarlet Minivet


Scarlet Minivets (Pericrocotus flammeus) are amongst my most favourite birds. how could they not be, with such attractive colours.

I had barely woken up and was heading downstairs to fetch my morning cup of tea when I happened to look out of the window and spot a bustle of activity on a nearby tree.



Among the many birds were a pair of Scarlet minivets. I spotted the male first, its hard not to notice its bright orange (scarlet) colours.


The female is no less resplendent and has bright yellow colours.


Where the male has black, the female is greyer.


Scarlet minivets are distinguished from other minivets by the extra patch of orange or yellow on their primaries. This second smaller patch is absent in other equally colourful minivets such as the long-tailed or short-billed minivets.


They are insectivorous and flush out insects from the foliage by beating their wings hard. Anyway, its been long since i got this kind of results. The angle and intensity of light was perfect for my Minolta 500mm f8 lens, and the birds were comparatively close. Enjoy these images.






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