Sunday, 13 December 2009

Purple Sunbird (Male)

Along with the Purple-rumped sunbird, the Purple sunbird is commonly observed here in Karimannoor.  The images below are greatly cropped from the originals and show a male purple sunbird (Cinnyris asiaticus).


The male is a metallic purple in color and differs greatly from the drab colours of the female. They are around 10 Cms long and breeding males are differentiated by a bright blue colour on the shoulder patch and a maroon shine on the feathers of the collar around the neck is visible.


They are usually seen in pairs while feeding on nectar from plants, but they also take insects and fruits.


In breeding plumage the male is easily confused with the Loten’s sunbird which has a longer bill and a distinctive maroon band on its. chest



  1. Spectacular color on that Purple Sunbird Tom. The second shot with the tongue sticking out reminds me of our hummingbirds here in the states. It looks like you have quite the diverse habitat there in India to get several different bird species.

  2. Thanks Larry, yes we have quite a variety here, I hope to be cataloguing them in the coming days.


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