Thursday, 10 December 2009

First Macro Photography images with the Sony A550

As I mentioned earlier, the Sony A550 specs are ideal for macro photography. Today I had the chance to use it with my bellows setup. For the un initiated, I do my macro work with a MD mount bellows attached to either a 58mm Minolta Rokkor MC lens or a 135mm Rokkor lens. The Bellows is adapted to the A-mount using an MD-MA adapter, from which I have removed the glass elements. For the below images, the 135mm lens was used. The manual aperture is opened wide to allow me to see the subject and focus using a narrow depth of filed. I then close the aperture right down to F22 to allow more of the subject to be in focus. However this means that there is hardly any light available. I thus supplement the light with my Minolta 3600D flash. I tried to use live view, but it hasn’t worked its way into my work-flow as yet.


Anyway, I found a willing model in this superb specimen of a praying mantis. It was busy cleaning its menacing arms and jaws when I started clicking. On hearing the clicks, it looked into the lens and wanted to investigate it. I had to continually back away as it advanced towards me.


Images were adjusted for tone and contrast and removing vignetting in Lightroom. The white background is a painted wall on which it was walking.








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