Thursday, 26 November 2009

Sony A550, DRO and HDR image samples

I haven’t had much time to play around with the camera and the weather has been nothing short of horrible, so there’s not been any testing done. Some of you requested DRO and HDR shots in the field. I promise you more shots are coming (I`m headed to India in a week), but for now, all I was able to do was step out of my door when the sun briefly shone through and get these test shots:

All images were shot in P Mode with The A550 and a Minolta 35-70mm AF lens set at 60mm. Aperture was at F13 and ISO was set at 200. Multi-segment metering mode was used and white balance was set to auto. The sun was shining (somewhere, well at least it seemed that way) and there was no major light variation that i detected over the course of the shoot.

1. Normal image. No DRO. No HDR.

P mode no DRO No HDR

2. DRO set to Lv2:

DRO Lv2, P mode

3. DRO set to Lv3:

DRO Lv3, P mode

4 DRO set to Lv5:

DRO Lv5, P mode

5. HDR 1.5 EV:

HDR 1.5 EV, P mode

6: HDR 3EV:

HDR 3 EV, P mode


All photos were shot as fine JPEGs and imported using lightroom. No modification/post processing of any kind was done. Draw your own conclusions.

If you need me to test out a particular scenario with the camera, leave me a comment here or on Dyxum.

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