Sunday, 15 November 2009

My Trusted Sony A200 DSLR For Sale (SOLD)

When I started serious photography I decided to buy a Sony A200. I have not regretted my decision ever since. What a stellar performer it has proved to be. Sony has subsequently released the A230 but I wouldnt touch it with a barge pole. It has several features missing which the A200 has.


I do love this camera and I seriously wish I could keep it but it is time to upgrade now. I need a camera with live view (for Macro) and faster AF (for bird photography) and Sony has just answered my prayer and released the Sony A500, and A550. Its almost double the cost of the A200 and thus I have to sell my current camera and make up the cost of the upgrade. So here are some pics of the true hero behind the pics seen on this blog (or its predecessors on or






The camera is in top condition and comes in its original box with all the original accessories including the 18-70mm kit lens (except the lens cap which I have replaced with a generic cap with a lens cap holder so that it will hang off the camera and not fall off in the field).

The camera is in perfect mechanical condition and has taken around 5000 shutter actuations so far. Those who have not followed this blog can check bag to the previous posts to know virtually the whole life story the camera has been through.

All this I offer for the price of £250 (SOLD)which is a bargain.Together with the camera I am also including 2 SanDisk Extreme III CF cards of 4GB each (each costing £25) which you get Free. Item is listed here on ebay.

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