Monday, 2 November 2009

Little Egret



Considering that I  have never seen a little Egret in the UK before, the past two weeks have been amazing. I`ve seen more than my fair share, although at Zoos. The first few shots were taken, not of a captive bird, which showed up in time for the penguin feeding session. While the weekend crowd jostled with each other to view the penguins, I concentrated on the Egret.

London 077

London 123

London 124

London 125

London 126

London 127

London 128

A week later and I was at the Bristol zoo, this time the birds were captive ones.

Bistol Zoo Birds


Bistol Zoo Birds


Bistol Zoo Birds

The little egret is a recent coloniser in UK. The plumes on its head are a feature of the adult bird in breeding season.

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