Wednesday, 17 December 2008

I`ve been tagged!

I`ve just been tagged for a meme, thanks to Christopher from the Picus Blog. I`ve never done something like this before and I tend to shy away from such things, but I guess there’s always a first. Here are the rules of the Tag called

Six Random Things:

  1. 1.Link to the person who tagged you.
  2. 2.Post the rules on your blog.
  3. 3.Write six random things about yourself.
  4. 4.Tag six people at the end of your post and link to them.
  5. 5.Let each person know they've been tagged and leave a comment on their blog.
  6. 6.Let the tagger know when your entry is up.

Now that I`ve done the first and the second, here`s the third. As this is my birding blog I`ll keep it birding related.

1. As a kid, before I started bird watching I was more of a bird hunter! We had an air gun at home, with which I used to go bird hunting. Thankfully the accuracy of the gun was just as bad as my aim and most birds didn’t even budge as the pellets hit everything else except the birds!

2. My real introduction to birding happened at school when our class was taken out bird watching. I missed the session and thus I was given the chance to go out on my own entrusted with my biology teacher’s precious binocular and field guide. I enjoyed it so much that I used to go out every weekend, roaming the schools 800 acre campus.

3.Mine was a school built on military traditions and one among them was organised “ragging”. While in 9th grade we had a servant status and had to stay back in our dormitory on Sundays to do the bidding of our masters – the seniors. The only escape from this was if we had an academic commitment. I got myself excused saying that the biology teacher had asked me to be present for “ornithology”. The word was too big for them to grasp and they let me go, until one day they discovered that it was just bird watching that I was going for!

4. After school I never got an opportunity to continue bird watching. I made several attempts to, but there was too much happening. It was only once I met my wife that I got a chance to restart my bird watching.  Her parents were keen bird watchers and used to take her and her brother along on their bird watching sessions which she found boring. As a result my wife hated bird watching! After we got together she has started taking an interest in birding again too.

5. I`m doing a PhD and thus I`m supposed to be scientific, but when it comes to birds, I almost conveniently ignore their scientific names.

6. My dream is to win discover/invent something and earn so much money that I can buy the best photography equipment, retire and spend the rest of my life bird snapping in exotic places all across the world!

..and now I tag the following people:

1. Animtreebird from Pictures of Birds.

2. Bob and Cynthia Kaufman from Reflections of a Bad Bird Photographer.

3. T and S from Walk in the Wilderness.

4. Dr Redzlan of Birds and Nature photography by Tabib

5. Bernie Krausse of Natural Moments: Bird and Wildlife Photography

6. Mick from Sandy straits and Beyond.


Whew, that took some effort! but its been fun. For those whom I`ve tagged please don’t feel pressurised to do it. I fully understand if you don’t but I look forward to your posts  and comments in future. Also, if you are not already on there, please do consider adding your blog to the Power guides. It makes it easy for a lot of people including me to read your posts instantly.

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  1. Hi Tom,
    Thanks for participating! I was also surprised at how much effort it took. But it's nice to find out more about your fellow bloggers.
    Keep up the great job with the photography - I understand about always wanting better equipment, but you're doing a fantastic job with what you've got!

  2. Hello Thomas!,

    Thanks for including me in that list.
    Oh.. I have to think that random things.
    I'll write it when I have a free time, hopefully soon.
    Best regards,

  3. Hi Tom,

    Thanks for including me on the list. But I am a little bit busy right now. So I will not participate in this right now. :)))

  4. Hi Tom, thanks for including me in the tagging for that meme but I have a number of prior commitments before the end of the year and really don't have any extra time so will have to decline.

  5. Hi Tom,

    It was fun reading about the history of your birding life. And I really like your dream. I hope it comes true for you and that you discover or create something amazing. I will work on my six things tonight and maybe I can tag you back to hear about six more random things in your life. :)

  6. Hi Tom,

    Thanks for tagging me on this meme. But I normally stay away from memes thanks to some feedback I got in the past. So pl. excuse me on this one.

    I browsed through your blog and enjoyed watching the many amazing images of birds, I especially liked the series on blue kingfisher and the flamingos...Thomas


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