Saturday, 15 November 2008

How to embed bird calls in your blog posts.

Most of us Bird watchers are keen on bird calls. Being bird bloggers, we have often wished to have a bird call embedded within our posts but found it hard to do so. When I am blogging about a particular species and want to embed its call, I usually search on google for its call.

Luckily, there are loads of sites out there which already have files to download, such as and Most of the common sounds can be found this way. If you are one step ahead, you probably have your own recordings as mp3 or wav files too.

Now, the question is how to embed them on your blog. Its easy, you need a service where you can upload these sound files and get a HTML code which you can paste in your blog and instantly have the file embedded.

The service I recommend for this is called Houndbite.

This site is often called as the YouTube of audio files. One has to first sign up and get a user name and password and then login to Houndbite.

Once logged in, you can click the “Share your audio clips” link which takes you to a page giving three options to source audio:

1. From a file on your computer.

2. Record an audio.

3. Insert a URL for a pre-existing file, elsewhere on the web.

ScreenShot001 Once you select the source, you have to fill in a description, add a title, select a category and channel, agree to the terms and conditions and click submit.

That’s it your file gets uploaded and is available in My Houndbites section. If you now click on the file, it will give you the file, with options to download the file, a url for the file and an embed code.


The rest is easy, go to your blog, switch to the source/HTML view and paste your embed code. Finish your post and hit publish, and you`ll see the file embedded in your post:



Sometimes Bird calls may be available as embedded files and not as downloadable files on certain sites. Such files can be downloaded using the “Download Embedded” plugin with Firefox.

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