Saturday, 15 November 2008

Developing a new Bird Song identification device – Help needed

I was on the forum on BirdForum and came across this post:

I am a 3rd year university engineering student who is developing a bird-identification device/software with my groupmates. We did some research and found out that a lot of the bird-identification devices are quite expensive and not very portable. So we thought we might be able to develop and build a cheap and portable bird-identification device (by processing the bird-songs) for bird-watchers and hopefully bird-watching will become an easier and cheaper activity for the public.
But before we can start building it, we have to know the needs and expectations for the device from the users, so we created a survey:
I would really appreciate it if you can take a minutes and fill in this really short survey for me =]
Thank you for your time!

I guess a lot of us birders would be interested in such a device. Please do help out with the survey if you are interested.



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