Monday, 24 November 2008

Bird Snapping has changed!


This post is for my loyal readers out there. My Blog on Blogger  has now changed. I have bought the domain name and thus from now on is where it is! The Blog will now be at . However, this will mean little or no change for the majority of my readers. I purchased the domain through Google and it has been a smooth transition. All visitors landing on the Blogger page will be automatically redirected here. All old links will also be automatically redirected to the respective links here. You will barely know the difference. For my readers on Surfbirds though, you will also be automatically redirected to the home page.Links from Surfbirds, pointing to specific posts will however only be redirected to the home page. I`m hoping this will not be a problem as the home page will host at least the past 7 or more latest posts. To make matters easier, I`ve included a custom search box on the top:


I hope that will make things easier for people searching for a specific post. If not one can always refer to the previous posts section in the left hand column.


RSS feeds will still be from the same source, however you may wish to update your favourite links.

I`d like to thank all my readers for their support, interest and of course comments and I hope it will keep coming. Thank You.

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