Thursday, 25 September 2008

Link to Bird Snapping

I`m looking to build up my bird blog links. If you would like to add your bird blog link please post your name and blog URL in the comments section. In return, I`d be grateful if you could link back to my blog ( If you would like to add an image link back to this blog, I`ve made it easy- just choose the image size you would like to use and copy and paste the HTML code below it into your blog. Thanks.


 Bird Snapping White banner 30%

<a href="" <img src="" ></a>


Bird Snapping White banner 20%

<a href=""<img src="" </a>


Bird Snapping White banner 15%

<a href=""<img src="" </a>


 Bird Snapping White banner 10%

<a href="" <img src="" </a>

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  1. your blog is very helpful.i linked it from my blog am regularly reading you.
    thank you


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