Thursday, 25 September 2008

King of the Sky [Skywatch Friday]

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Which bird is the king of the sky on your local patch? On Blackberry hill it is the Buzzard, which seems to be the King...

Buzzard chase

…or that's what I thought until I saw this and revised my opinion.

Buzzard chase

The buzzard could hardly enter the skies over Blackberry hill without constantly being harassed by the crows.

Buzzard chase

quite often, the tables turn and the Buzzard tries to get rid of the annoying crow…

Buzzard chaseBuzzard chase

but the crows return to haunt the king!

Buzzard chase

Quite often, the Buzzard’s only option is to fly low and get out of the crow’s  territory.


However, the crows don’t actually frighten the Buzzards and are mostly a major annoyance than a threat, and when it rules there is none to threaten the buzzard…


The Kestrel too shares the same territory with the king, but being half the size, it barely poses any challenge…



…and I suppose, the Kestrel already has enough to deal with from the crows and the Magpies!

Kestrel chase

The Buzzards reinforce their dominance by hunting in pairs…

Buzzard chase

…but as with most business partnerships, there’s bound to be a bit of tension..

Buzzard chase

resulting in one showing the other, who is more of a king!

Buzzard chase

So who is really the King of the skies? is it the Buzzard?


Hmmm…well, not quite so…..all the birds – the magpies, the crows, the kestrel and even the big buzzards give way without contest to this challenger-

Minolta 500mm f8 birding 147

the big bad metal bird!



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