Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Heron Eats Rabbit!

This appeared in today's Bristol edition of The Metro. This is sensational bird photography. I just had to share it :

For those of who cant read the text above, here it is bigger:

heron bunny3

I was wondering if I could have got the same shots with my camera had I been at the same place at the same time, assuming I also had his car! I did a search for Ad Sprang and I found his profile on www.birdpix.nl on which he is a moderator. His equipment is listed as:

Canon EOS 20D (2005) én Canon EOS 40D (2007). Canon 300 mm. F4 IS lens en Canon 1.4 converter.Canon EF 500 mm. F4 L IS USM.

I guess there`s no way I could have matched his pics, unless I had not only his equipment but also his experience!  You can find more of his amazing bird pics here including an amazing shot from the above published series showing a heartbreakingly cute bunny still very much alive in the Heron’s beak. Hats off to a superb bird photographer – Ad Sprang




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