Monday, 21 July 2008

(I think)I Discover a Buzzard nest!

I was out bird snapping, and getting myself re-used to the scarcity of birds in UK when compared to India. This time however, I was consciously looking out for butterflies too. I was pleased to see that Britain is not totally devoid of butterflies either! I managed to click 4 species which I`m still trying to identifyBritish ButterfliesBritish ButterfliesBritish ButterfliesDSC06889

While clicking at butterflies, I heard the noisy calls of birds of prey coming from inside the woods. I headed into the woods to try and identify the source but got myself a bit lost.

I was then distracted by a couple of small birds, dark brown and white, hopping from branch to branch with a tweet and keeping just out of camera range in the dim light. It looked almost like a wren, but I`m sure it isn't one. I got a couple of snaps, but they are quite blurred due to my camera struggling in the low light.


suddenly I heard the flapping of wings overhead. I looked up in time to get this picture, which on magnifying and viewing on my computer later, I realise is possibly a buzzard with its prey in its talons.


I tried to move into a better position for a clear shot but the bird seemed to have disappeared. I was still hunting around for it when I noticed some movement high up in a tree. It seemed to be a bird in a nest. I slowly realised it was the same buzzard and that there was more than one bird in it.  I tried to take photos but none of them are able to show any detail.


I myself would have dismissed it, had it not been for the occasional movement. I was able to catch some of it on video.

After a while, one bird and then a second one took off from the nest. I waited for a while hoping to get a good snap of the returning birds but when none turned up even after 45 mins, I thought I`d return another day. I hope to be able to find the nest again when I return another day.

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