Monday, 28 July 2008

I got him – he’s a Wren!!

Last time I wrote about the mystery birds that I couldnt quite catch on camera -

“I was then distracted by a couple of small birds, dark brown and white, hopping from branch to branch with a tweet and keeping just out of camera range in the dim light. It looked almost like a wren, but I`m sure it isn't one. I got a couple of snaps, but they are quite blurred due to my camera struggling in the low light.”


However, as I moved along the same woods on Saturday, the same bird jumped into view, this time sitting in a relatively bright area. This was my chance and I clicked a quick few snaps….and what does it turn out to be? a Wren!


This one is a juvenile and I guess that's why he sat so exposed for so long. Anyway, that mystery has been solved!

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