Sunday, 4 May 2008

Sparrow family videos

The feed in my bird feeder has been disappearing at an alarming rate these days, and I was beggining to wonder why. Then I saw a horde of sparrows descend upon it and I knew why!Along with the group I noticed were two baby sparrows, possibly out on their first few trips away from the nest. I couldnt get a picture that time though, however, I was ready when a mother and one chick came back. It is amazing to see how big the chick is when compared to the mom. Do sparrows grow smaller as they grow up??!! Anyway, It feels nice to know that my feeder is supporting a family.

The other day I had my radio on while filming this male and female sparrows at the feeder. I didnt realise that the camera was picking up on the sound. When I played it back, it appeared as if the sparrows were chatting while feeding! It makes for a funny scene!

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