Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Off to shoot Indian Birds!

Another day, and I`m headed off home to India -to capture the ultimate bird - my fiancee. I`m going to get married! Thus, I guess bird snapping may take the back seat for a while. However, compared to the bird desert that is the UK, India is plentiful in its stock of birds and I`ll definitely be having my camera on hand most times, so if I can get Internet access, expect a few Indian birds in this space.

Some of my trophies from the last time I was there include

this Eurasian Golden Oriole:


this beautiful Black headed golden oriole:


Rackett tailed Drongos:


Tree Pie:


Cattle Egret:


a Coucal:


Green Barbet


That is to name just a few..and if you are wondering where exactly in India this place is - it is none other than God`s own country - Kerala. Hope to post again soon enough.

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