Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Notes from my feeder

The Sparrows continue to visit. The mom arrives with the chicks and feeds them straight from the feeder. Of course, that makes sense does'nt it? Why carry the food all the way to the nest when you can bring the babies to the food! Besides its an opportunity to get them to practice their flying and gain life experience in general. Sometimes the chicks themselves pick up a seed or two from the ground. Looks like they are growing up before my eyes.

As you`ve seen above, I've now added suet balls to the menu, but none of the birds have shown any interest yet.

Meanwhile, the Dunnocks still continue their visits, but these days they seem content to feed off the ground. I suppose they are primarily ground feeders anyway.As the sparrows are messy feeders, they drop more than they eat onto the ground. Thus the dunnocks have all they want on the ground and thus dont bother feeding off the feeders anymore.

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