Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Mouse attack

When I left for work today, I made a mental note to top up the empty feed on the ground feeder. In the evening when I returned, I had a glance through my dirty window to look for any birds foraging near the feeder and I noticed a strange shape in the feeder. For a minute I thought somebody had left a stone in the tray...but then I noticed that the tray had a long a tail that unmistakably converted the stone to a mouse! The same fellow I had snapped earlier. I ran upstairs to get my camera and took a few shots from my window, but on coming downstairs to get a better picture, I found he`d vanished.
I decided to top up the tray with some museli belonging to one of my long gone ex housemates, and went outside to do so. Just as I was about to reach for the tray, Out jumped Mr mouse from amidst the grass giving me a scare! I didnt even realise he was there!
Anyway, The dunnocks seem to have loved the muesli. Soon after, both of them were there checking it out. I was as usual playing about with my camera. I realise that useless blue-fringing lens may not be totatally useless afterall. It seems to be alright when I use it for videos, and that comes as a welcome relief.
And so, I was taking a video of the dunnock approaching the ground tray full of muesli. Mr. Dunnock sits around in the bushes, half hidden for a while, then sticks its neck out and surveys the area around. It then hops onto the ground and in little jumps, approaches the feeder tray, as if approaching a minefield. Anyway, as he reaches the tray and starts to feed, out jumps a missile - Mr mouse - who unknown to both me and Mr Dunnock was hiding in the grass again! The missile then vanishes into thin air leaving behind a stunned Mr Dunnock - all on camera!

It all happened so quick that one hardly sees the mouse if one blinks in between. Here`s a slow motion of the mouse jumping past:

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