Friday, 4 April 2008

More Guests at my (bird) Table.

...and, I had not one but two new visitors today, my first visitor was a wood pigeon .
Wood pigeon numbers in UK are on the move up, and of late they have moved out of the woods into the urban areas. Lately there have been reports that they now outnumber the "common pigeons" in cities such as London.
This wood pigeon, went straight for the bread crumbs that I have of late been laying out. And what a messy fellow he turned out to be, with every piece that he untidily gobbled (and he really does gobble), he threw another four in four different directions! My camera was soon out and I began snapping away. Initially it was through the window, but even when I opened the window, he didnt seem to mind as long as my movements were slow. Having got enough photos, I then caught a video of him and his messy (bird) -table manners, before he decided to take leave.
The bird was back in the evening when I returned from work. The mornings bread had been wiped clean and I had put out more. However, the crowd of school children walking past seemed to unnerve him and he took off.
Later yesterday evening, I was looking out of my window, and I caught a brown shape scurry along from the feeder into the bushes. Wow, I thought, must be some rare shy bird that only visits at sun down! Nope, it turned out to be this little mouse, who also came to check out the bread on offer.
Looks like after months of waiting, my bird feeder visitors have tripled in just two days! However, these are not exactly my targeted guests and I`m still waiting for the Finches and Tits to arrive.

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