Monday, 14 April 2008

Field test of my digiscope setup

I tried out a field test of my digiscoping setup today. I headed out to a park, where once again there were plenty of magpies just far enough. I must say I need to work on getting my focus perfect, as I discovered that most of my pictures were slightly out of focus.

On auto mode, the camera struggles, but on a manual shutter speed priority mode, the shake is eliminated . However, I need to set a higher exposure compensation to make up for less light at higher shutter speeds.

As you can see from the above pics, a shallow depth of focus is achieved easily.
My camera came with a 16 MB card and having the settings on fine, filled up the card space quickly. While I was about to wind up and go home three rabbits ran out of the bushes about 70 m from me and started chasing each other. I had time for one snap before they ran off into the bushes again! Amazing shot!(?)

and just to wind up, I shot this kite which was about 150 m away

None of the images above are edited.

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