Sunday, 6 April 2008

Field test of the digiscope adapter

As promised earlier, I`ve carried out a full field test of my digiscoping setup. Here are the results.
First of all, the adapter help up marvelously, posing no problems at all either during transit or in snapping. It was light as it was meant to be and did not exert its malleability as I feared. The camera sat tight on it with its lens pressed tight against the scope eyepiece and didnt budge from where it was positioned. Excellent returns for such a simple device.
The camera though was a let down in more than one aspect. first of all the LCD display struggled in the bright sunlight and didnt allow me to gauge my focus accurately. Finally when I did manage to get the focus right, it took ages to get through its focus lock, by which time my subject moved out of focus! However when I did manage to get the focus right, the pictures were excellent although I managed only 2 good ones out of about 15 shots. I love the one above , the way the magpie looks at the sky, almost as if it is expecting an attack from above. The one below is a more regular one but its head seems to be out of the depth of focus. I love the detail of the bit thats within focus.

I`ve also learnt that it would`nt be possible to digiscope every other bird that passes by as one would with a camera. It takes a while to locate the bird within the display and get it into focus and its more than easy to lose the subject too. I guess having more powerful equipment might help.
Anyway, more field tests are in order, keep watching.

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