Wednesday, 2 April 2008

A Collared Dove visits..

I had mentioned earlier yesterday about how no other birds other than a pair of dunnocks cared for my feeding station. Almost as if to prove me wrong I had a new visitor today! A very unlikely bird - a collared dove.
I was messing about with my camera and the spotting scope when in fluttered this fellow and with a lot of flapping wings and half unsure if he wanted to land.
The Collared doves I`ve known normally keep to the trees and are extremely cautious to keep their distance from humans, but I guess this one couldnt resist the treat that it had spotted.
A few days back I had seen it fluttering above, trying to make up its mind whether to take a risk or not. It the landed on the roof and looked longingly at the station while surveying its surroundings. When a group of people passed by, it decided that it was too risky and flew away. I guessed it reassesed the situation and thought otherwise today.
After landing on top of the feeding pole, it flew to the ground and drank water and fed on the seeds that had fallen into the bowl from the feeder above, before hearing some noise and flying away. I had my camera in hand and clicked away while trying to conceal myself from view.

I even succumbed to the temptation of using the evil purple fringed lens and got a few close-ups. I had to remove the purple fringes in photoshop before uploading. I hope to see more of it in the coming days.

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